The next BRAWL tournament is at Timber Ridge near Bedford on 3/12/16


BRAWL XII #7 at Walnut Creek near Charlottesville
1st Round – Short Tee/Short Basket
2nd Round – Short Tee/Long Basket

BRAWL XII #6 at Big Branch in Bedford
Yellow tees both rounds

BRAWL XII #5 at Elk Creek in Appomattox
All players played from the White tees to a mixed/short setup of the baskets

BRAWL XII #4 at Montgomery Hall Park in Staunton
Open/GM – short/long, long/long
Ladies – short/short, short/ short
Ams – short/long, short/long

BRAWL XII #3 at Greenfield Park in Daleville
Open/GM – White/Blue
Ams/Ladies – White/White

BRAWL XII #2 at Sontag in Rocky Mount
Open/GM – White/Blue
Ams – White/White
Ladies – White/Red

BRAWL XII #1 at Randolph Park, Dublin
Open – White/Blue
Ams – White/White


BRAWL Trophy

BRAWL Hall of Records

Most career victories (Open)
15 T Barr
14 V Whorley
9 Z Melton
8 T Lemcke, Jim Conrad
6 James Conrad
4 R Wilhelm
3 F Gonzalez, A Vanderslice, C Dickerson
2 C Hysell, G Clemons, M Hoeppner, Isaacs, L Brown
1 Pritchard, Woods, Eubank, Bowman, DeVito, Peterson

Most victories in one season (Open)
5 T Barr (VIII)
4 V Whorley (I), R Wilhelm (III), James Conrad (V)
3 T Barr (IV), Jim Conrad (V), Melton (X), Whorley (X), Melton (XI), Dickerson (XII)

Consecutive victories (Open)
3 James Conrad (V), Jim Conrad (V), Zach Melton (IX-X), Whorley (X), Z Melton (XI)
2 V Whorley (I), T Barr (IV), T Barr (VIII), T Barr (VIII), Dickerson (XII)

Largest margin of victory (Open)
10 R Wilhelm (III, Big Branch)
10 Z Melton (XII, Sontag)
9 T Barr (III, Golden Hills)
9 Whorley (VI, Falling Creek)
9 Melton (XI, Montgomery Hall)

Most career victories (Ladies)
21 W Boettcher
13 Merat
6 L Clark
5 S Hoffman, A Lyle
4 A Stokes
3 D Proffitt
2 D Raines, P Ripley, S White
1 C Jones, D Barr, B Atkinson

Most victories in one season (Ladies)
7 Merat (X)
6 W Boettcher (IV), Merat (IX)

Consecutive victories (Ladies)
6 Merat (X)
5 L Clark (III), W Boettcher (IV-V)

Most career victories (Am)
7 D Eubank
6 D Wert
5 B Reynolds, M Smith, B Wiese
4 J Alley, J Pritchard, R DeVito, M Richards, K Peterson, J Kugel, N Guthrie
3 J Townes
2 J Hair, D Hoffman, M Croushorn, S Richards

Most victories in one season (Am)
4 J Alley (I), J Pritchard (II), R DeVito (IV),
D Eubank (V), B Reynolds (VIII), M Smith (IX), N Guthrie (X)

Consecutive victories (Am)
4 N Guthrie
3 D Eubank (V), B Reynolds (VIII), M Smith (IX)
2 J Alley (I), R DeVito (IV), D Wert (VI), Kugel (VI-VII), D Wert (VII), B Wiese (X), J Towns (XII)

Largest margin of victory (Am)
15 K Peterson (III, Peaks View)

updated 3/2/2016

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